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Sponsors and Partners

Team Maverick has been active in social media over the last five years, through their website and blogs, Facebook updates, sailing websites, and Twitter. Our sailing results are also found in mainstream sailing media, club publications, and RORC write-ups. Recent blogs may be seen at, as well as for a related 6-meter race boat at We actively promote our on-the-water suppliers in written media as well as in online forums (e.g., Sailing Anarchy).

We are pleased to have established partnerships with key suppliers, to showcase their technical solutions, products and services, and we will actively promote these valued sponsors throughout the season.   You can learn more about our sponsors and supporters below, as well as in articles in the 'News' section.

One Sails -  OneSails have introduced and enjoy early success on other circuits with their line of composite 4T Forte sails, and coupled with our doublehanded history and a great new boat in Maverick, it is a pleasure for us to announce the selection of OneSails for our new sail wardrobe. We will together strive for top results and further promote OneSails and Forte T in the Dutch and RORC doublehanded competitions

Rake Rigging and Lancelin LinesWe are pleased to announce our first of several key partners, Dutch-based Rake Rigging and their Lancelin range of high specification lines.  We are especially proud to be the first doublehanded team that will fly the Rake Rigging banner this season -- hoisted of course on a new Lancelin line.

Vrolijk Watersport --  Scheveningen remains at its heart a fishing village, long ago enveloped by Den Haag but steadfastly retaining traditions, sayings, and pride. As a small village many residents share the same last names, and on one of my brother-in-law’s small street the postman has to keep the mail straight for five residents named ‘Mos’ in a short stretch of rowhouses. There are also a host of Pronks and Den Heijers and Spaans, the same names poignantly and repeatedly found on the Fisherman’s Memorial wall, and for over 140 years the Vrolijk family has made and mended sails in Scheveningen. Since the 1950s the family has built and expanded their fabulous shop near the outer harbor, and the current generation of Vrolijks has not only kept up with the times, but introduces and promotes new innovations and equipment as well as stocking all of traditional bits and bobs that are essential to a top chandlery. They are one of the leading suppliers to cruising as well as racing sailors in Netherlands – as well as for visiting boats from around Europe as ever farther abroad. In this era of internet shopping and mega-stores, established bricks-and-mortar establishments like Vrolijk Watersport offer expertise and service not found in cyberspace (though they also have a nice webshop), as well as a cup of coffee and some Scheveningen hospitality. 


SSY is long known to Dutch sail racers and provides a range of rigging and retrofit services, and as well a racing optimizations.   In 1998 noted Dutch offshore sailor Gideon Messink (3 X Whitbread) started his own rigging firm, later distributing top yacht brands and adding a full line of services.  Their race heritage continues strongly to this day, with Seaport staff active in a number of racing programs.   They handle big, leading edge projects (like Brunel), but still give the same knowledgeable support to modest Corinthian programs like Maverick.

Jachtclub Scheveningen - Home is where the heart is.  No blue blazers or titles, but a long tradition, fine facilities, terrific racing program, and a full social program.